Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to License Software and Other Works

I had asked a question on one of the G+ communities,  not expecting the answer to include something about what license my sketch would have.  I was taken a little aback from it, but
the other user made a good point.
    “License and copyright are really important. First of all it tells everyone who wrote this: It was you, so it belongs to you, and it is yours to give away freely and declare free code if you choose to do so. Free does not mean 'without cost' but 'freedom'. Any code that you post without telling people how they may use it is worthless, only good as an example of use, because none can use it in a real project without knowing if this is taken from some 'non-free' source. But if the code is properly licensed and free it is good for everyone.”

I think most of us don’t think about do this, but from what I read, no license does not mean you can use it. It does have to be specified what you can do with it.

And you need to copyright your code too. - It is as simple as saying
/* Copyright 2015 LeRoy Miller */
in the 1st or 2nd line of code.


Other Works:

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