Tuesday, April 7, 2015

3/22/2014 Cheap FS100a 433 Mhz Transmitters Revisited

Mar 22, 2014  CHEAP FS1000a 433mhz transmitters revisited,

Hooked up two transmitters and one receiver.  One Arduino was set to transmit “hello #1”, One Arduino was set to transmit “hello #2”, and one Arduino set to receive, Seems to work fine!

here’s a video:

So I was giving it the worse case, and the best chance to fail, and it seemed to work. By that I mean, both transmitters were right next to each other, the receiver was only a less the a foot away, and I put antennas on everything.
I don’t know for sure, but I had suspected this would work. I think it’s because of the modulation type, but I’m not sure about that either (not 100% sure).  A lot of digital modulation types have built in error checking.  
These are cheap, and a cheap way to send low speed data around.

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