Tuesday, April 7, 2015

20140924 - Cheap WIFI to uART adaptor to use w/Microcontrolers -

UPDATE: Apr 7, 2015 - There are cheaper, WIFI for micros now - Search for ESP8266 So this is mostly included as a historical resource (even thou the WIFI adaptor I list here is still available - and still cheap enough to use when compared to some others available)

20140924 - Cheap WIFI to uART adaptor to use w/Microcontrolers -

These adaptors cost less then $12.00 free shipping from China, it did take a while for it to get here, but to much surprise, it was packed well, and was in a nice bubble envelope.

In the listing there is a link to a pdf file, and believe it or not there is a lot of good information in the manual, and most of it is in English.

Setup so far has been easy, it has a AP mode (Access Point), and it can connect to your wifi network. The default is AP mode, and it has a small webserver running, that allows for configuration changes. I have not tried STA mode yet, but it did show my network, and the networks around me.
What is not explained very well is how to use this with an Arduino (in other words, how do I control an Arduino using a PC) and or tablet.
For that I found a “How to setup a Johnny Five”, on github,

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