Thursday, June 16, 2011

Woke up this morning with an idea

I woke up this morning, with this idea, and I can't seem to get it out of my head, but the more I think about, the I think of trouble that may come from it.

- Not too long ago, I did a DV dongle, using skype, and a VNC - I didn't transmit on this, thou I am sure I could have, I just used it to listen to my DV dongle.

Taking this idea to the next "logical" step would be to cut out skype, and use two radios, and a Signalink usb soundcard adaptor. I already have everything I need to do it, I have a FT-817 hooked to a signalink, and I have the WIFI connection for the VNC, plus I have my HT, and my mobile rig.

The more I thought about this thou I wondered how to ID the stations? I would be the control for both stations, and if I really wanted to I could use this from any place my home station could recieve my hand held, and as long as there was a internet connection, there would be no reason I couldn't VNC to my home computer and use it to get on DSTAR.

I have seen kind of the reverse of this idea, where you can turn a radio that has a 9600 baud packet port into a DSTAR radio -

my idea was analog to anlog, SO it shouldn't matter if there is a 9600baud packet port or not, since the DV dongle would be used to key into the dstar system...or is my thinking just wrong on this?

A truely adventurous type could, make their DV dongle available to other hams, an allow them access to the VNC...then that opens up a whole new can of worms.... I know.

I may never do this, (I have 2 DSTAR radios, so it's just an idea) or I might do it once just to see on really low power, I would be curious thou if anyone else has done this or even thought about doing it :-)


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