Saturday, June 11, 2011

APRS2Twitter add-ons update

For the past few days I've been working on a couple of "add-ons" for the APRS 2 Twitter script.
This post will give a brief update to what I've been doing, and why I haven't been anywhere else on the internet for the past few dayss to do anything! LOL

I had three ideas for add-ons,
1) a Gas Price add-on that in my mind would check the prices of gas in cities you are near. Then would SMS you those prices, and locations of the stations.
2) a Geocache add-on that would grab nearby caches and in my mind I wanted these to show up as "objects" on APRS
3) My third add-on was going to be for an Amber Alert posting - I never got a reply from my requests for access to the Amber Alert data, so this add-on is stalled, and probably will not ever get to a point where I can even try to write some code.

SO, What have I been doing ->

Well, I've also abandoned my add-on for a Gas Price guide - I found a great site, but it doesn't really have any Gas data, the site is I've looked all over the country for any signs of this being used. So far I've found none. I do have some code written for this, but with out some price data coming in I am at a stand still. This is the ONLY Gas Price watcher type site that I have found that does have a developer API so it is really a shame that it doesn't look like anyone is using it.
This project has not been abandoned, it's just stopped - IF anyone knows of a developer API for a site that has users posting gas prices please let me know.

My biggest disappointment thou is not the gas price, but my Geocache add-on.
I have spend most of the past 2 or 3 days working on code for this, I've even had some success, the site I have found that has a developer API does have caches, is ran by Garmin, is easy to use, but is in beta itself (so there are somethings on the site that say they work and don't) the site

The problem here is not getting the cache info, it's getting out to "US" - My idea was to have this posted into the APRS RF system, and this is why, I am thinking that if the cache is posted as an object, then you can use your APRS radio/GPS to navigate to at least close to the cache, then use the hand held GPS to get to it. I do have a couple of other ways to get this information to the end user, but well, it's not really what I wanted to do.

and at least here, and since I don't have a radio for APRS hooked up to the computer, I have to use the internet to get some informaiton into the system - messages do make it out to RF, however it appears when I create an object it does not make out to RF. SO I'm kind of stuck here. There are problems with just sending the information with a message, there are also problems with sending the cache info to a SMS number.

I haven't given up on this, and mostly what I have been doing is spending a lot of time reading about APRS objects, APRS messages, ect.

So That is the update as to what I've been doing for the past week.

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