Saturday, October 22, 2011

Don't Try this at home!

Not being able to wait till LinuxMint 12 (Lisa) was out in any form (beta/alpha/RC, whatever) I decided today I would just change the source.list repositories in LinuxMint 11 and do a distro-upgrade. Well, that worked.... sort of! Linux Mint 12
here is a picture of the login screen after the update:

The desktop, I had to select Gnome (NO effects) to get anything to work at all:

And the menu system:

NOW remember Linux Mint 12 is not suppose to be out until well into November, So what I got is not at all what LM 12 is going to be. I want to make that perfectly clear, I am one of those people that just can't wait. LOL

The good news is I didn't get Ubuntu/Unity - the bad news is I didn't get much more then a desktop.

So don't try this at home....but if you really want to try.

take a look at this post on the Linux Mint website this was written for LM 9, so you will need to change some things to the current distro names, but the idea is pretty much the same idea. Be sure to follow the instructions on the screen. And if it breaks your system, I said you really didn't want to try this at home!

It will probably break your system. Linux Mint even warns about doing it.
I guess I get to see over the next few days if I start to get a real Linux Mint desktop or if I just did this for no reason at all.

Have a great day.

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