Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fringe or Grimm ?

I have been a fan of Fringe for sometime now, but this season just seems like a re-hash of season 1. And honestly I am loosing interest in the show. Last nights episode (Nov 4, 2011 - Novation) did bring some of the excitement back, and started to peek my interest again. Although, it really does seem like just a different take on Season 1.
In my own opinion, Fringe should have ended when Peter disappeared. The 1 observer said "He was never born", which would have stopped Walter from going to the other side to get Peter in the 1st place, and would have prevented the destruction of the other side. We did find out that Peter had been born, but died. One from the natural causes, the other because Walter did go over to the other side, and Peter drown this time, Walter couldn't stop it. Radon Lake is a focal point. So I still maintain, that in at least one of the universes Peter shouldn't have been born, and that would have prevented this whole thing to start with.

Last week, I saw a the season premier of Grimm, this is a modern day interperatation of the original Brother's Grimm stories (NOT the fairy tails, but the stories that the fairy tails are based on) While this show does remind me a little of "Special Unit 2", it does seem to have a different twist on that idea. I know that only 2 episodes have aired, but I am really starting to think this show may have to replace Fringe on my Friday nights. Seems to me that just has just the right mix of fantasy, sci-fi, crime-drama to make it a big hit. It even has a great back story that will keep me interested at least for the foreseeable future

Would love to hear the opinion of others on this.

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