Saturday, October 8, 2011

Follow up on 19 different Linux Distros

Last month I did a review of 19 different Linux Distros. I came up with 5 that I personally really liked, so I asked my wife to install each one and play around with it. Let me say this, she has used Ubuntu before, but never installed it. Her level of knowledge is probably less then most Windows users. She knows how to get online, and look stuff up, watch some movies, that is about it.
So when I asked her to install and play around she wasn't sure she would know how to do it. I said that was kind of the point. I am experienced Linux user, so what I find easy may not be "earsy". This was a good test of the 5 distros I really liked, as to just how easy they were.

These are her notes NOT Mine:

Debian: I just pushed buttons didn't know what I was pushing but it would help if I understood it. It asked too many questions.

Linux Mint: Easy to install Didn't ask a lot of questions, installed quickly, desktop was easy to use.

OpenSuse KDE: Took too long to install. Didn't like it

(MY PERSONAL NOTE: This distro never actually loaded on the real machine, I'm not sure why, I have tried the DVD in another machine and it worked fine)

Pinguy: I like this desktop it was cool, It's like Linux Mint. Easy to install for someone who deosn't understand the words.

Arios: Install was easy except it made me hit the wrong number
(My personal note: She did miss a step twice on the install, but the 3rd time she got it. She wouldn't have if I didn't help thou, she was about to miss the step again.)

I had here install one more distro that I didn't review, Pardus - I found this linux after I did the big review, and decided that I did like it. So I had her try it out.

Pardus: Installing was easy but in the beginning there was some words I didn't understand. It has games, and the desktop was ok.

HER Favorites in order:

1. Linux Mint
2. Pinguy
3. Pardus
4. Arios
5. Open Suse KDE (She liked this more then Debian even thou it never did load up correctly on that machine ????)
6. Debian (She must have really not liked Debian, see the note above)

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