Sunday, October 16, 2011

Linux Distro's you've never heard of!

Recently I've been looking for a different distro, because I really don't like the direction Ubuntu is going. And I've come up with a few distros I really like. But it doesn't stop there, I've been looking at a few distros that are not "top" distros, in fact a few of them I've never heard of before.

And while these are impressive, I really wonder why they have not taken off more!

1) Opengeu Linux - This distro is very interesting, it is using Enlightenment desktop e17, It is based off Ubuntu, now here is the interesting part, at the time of this writing there are only 2 version available for download, LTS version 8.04.1 (Yup that's right from 2008), and "Luna Serena" ie: 8.10 Torrents are the best way to get this, I downloaded "Luna", more interesting, the "Latest version" is "Quarto Di Luna" ie: 9.10 Which doesn't have a download link at all. So it would appear the project is dead, BUT wait! If you click on the "news" link you'll find out that the creator of this distro is in the process of updating it. Sounds like the creator is also moving away from Ubuntu, and toward Debian Testing and E17 SVN + EFL beta 2/3. Here's the thing, if it never gets updated, it is still worth checking out. The last Enlightenment desktop I tried was nice, but didn't really have much to it, Not only is this desktop simple, and easy to use, it's jamed packed with features!
It's old in terms of linux distros, but I would check it out.

2) iGolaware - - This distro is a newer distro, based off Ubuntu, I think it's using 10.10, even thou it say's in the "about Ubuntu" 11.04 - it does almost instantly popup and tell you that 11.04 is available for upgrade. They are using Gnome 2.32.0 desktop,
A Cairo-Dock is on the bottom, It has a lot of apps preinstalled. Including Chrome, some HP printer tools, xbmc media center, Firefox is still v 3.6.13 and Chrome is v 8.0.552.224, it also has ClamTK Virus Scanner installed, it also has Play-On-Linux and many other programs installed. This is going to be one to watch, and see which direction it goes. Will it follow Ubuntu 11.10 or stick with a Gnome 2 desktop? These are the questions. Worth looking at thou!

3) Elementary OS - - One of my friends turned me onto this distro, it was the 1st time I have heard of it, it was the 1st time he heard of it - Thou it's been around for awhile, so more people know about it then me LOL. This is a clean, Ubuntu based Gnome 2 distro. Using a dockly-dock, and lightweight apps. But this video can explain this distro much better then I can.

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