Wednesday, August 17, 2011

APRS2Twitter v9.0 Setup Information

Tonight I spent some time to write a setup.php script, I am trying to make it easy to use the script.

It's not perfect, What it does is ask you questions about what you want to do, it will try to direct you to the correct website to get the right API keys, ect.
It also will not ask some question if you answer no, IE: if you don't want to use SMS
you answer N, it will not ask you your phone number, or tropo api token.

I am trying to make it smart enough that it will be easy to setup.
IT writes the setup information to a file called setup.txt - this is a .ini format so it can be edited in a text editor to make changes later. The setup.txt is created on the fly, as the setup.php asks questions.

It's clean and fast to setup now.

I want to try to make the setup.php smart enough to know if something has been added, and not have to ask all of the questions again if you have already setup the script and changes have been made. That will be my next project.

Again, this is just a quick update to what is going on with APRS2Twitter
I am working on getting v9 out ASAP

Thanks, LeRoy, KD8BXP

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