Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Working on updating the APRS2Twitter Script

So, I am working on trying to make the script easier to setup and easier to use, some of the APIs that are in the script have changed but still work...and some other things. I also am working on correcting some of the error that have cropped up. I even want to make it so it works out side the U.S. better...right now it does work, but only partially. I have even learned a few new things, and want to add some new features. I have a working prototype for automatically sending locations to foursquare. When I say working, I mean, only if I put my lat/lon in manually. So it still needs a lot of work there, but it works.

One issue I am running into is trying to figure out if a station is moving or sitting, I know there has to be an easy way to do this, but so far I haven't found it or had the "AH HA" moment (Anyone know?)

I think one of the projects I want to do is try to directly connect to the APRS-IS system (This has and still seems very confusing to me) but I found a couple of python scripts that do it, and I am looking at how they work. I don't know python but google is my friend. :-)

I have been playing around with oAuth2 on a couple of sites (Foursquare being one of them)

I tried to get something working on Facebook - but I can't seem to get anything to work on Facebook, facebook has always confused me, not I think it is just so big, it has too many things, and the documention needs updated or something, when I tried to get a token today it's keep giving me errors, when I tried to setup my app I think it setup as an oAuth app, and not a oAuth2 app... it wouldn't take my website. SO I kind of gave up on facebook (at least for now)

So what else...IF I can get some of these oAuth2 sites working, I am thinking I will write a one time script that will setup a "configuration file" so you'll not need to edit anything.

For now thou, I think things are progressing nicely


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