Saturday, September 3, 2011


Fringe will be back on soon....but here is what I wonder.

IF Peter Bishop disappeared and everyone has forgotten him, (in other words he was erased from History) With only the Observers remembering him (Oh I now know who they are) Would this not mean a reset of the two universes thou. First Foe-Livia would not have a kid, so Walternet couldn't get DNA to start the machine...BUT even before that 1st, Walter (From either side) would not even have Peter to save. - The war between the two sides would be over because it would have never started.

So who are the Observers - they are of course the 1st people, but more then that, they know the secret to Walter's time travel experiments, and went back to pre-history, to bury the pieces of the "weapon", The thing they know is that the "boy is important" the boy being Peter Bishop.

I think they can travel different time-lines and see outcomes from differences in each time-line.

Anyways, with out Peter Bishop, the show is over right?


  1. when Peter created the bridge, he essentially welded to red and blue universes together to create one universe ('when the two universes meet, only one will survive')

    So another universe springs up de novo to intertwine with the red/blue universe. And Peter, the machines, Henry and their entire existences were sucked into the new universe (green?).

    What besides the flotsam and jetsam of Peter's existence in in the new universe, in unknown. But Peter has to return to find Olivia again and save Henry.

  2. That would be imposable given that none of the people in the room remembered Peter, the only people that remember him or know about Peter were the Observers, they will have to change things. I say if Peter is in another universe it's a universe of nothing. He pulled himself out of time.
    And we already know that there can be multiple timelines. Peter was in a future timeline for a while, where the two universes did collide, that's not what happen this time at all, it was very different.

    Peter may have the ability to travel in time thou, and maybe in the past. but if he is in the past that would mean that someone from the present would know about it. So he may have traveled to the future again, but again someone would know because he would have been born.

    They didn't even know him, he never existed in either universe.

    I don't even think Peter knows about Henry.

    Time travel creates too many paradoxes, I am looking forward to how they solve it :-)