Friday, January 27, 2017

It's 2017! and....

Well, here we are again, another new year.  And every year I say "I'm going to post more to my blog." - and well fail at it almost every year.
You know at the start way back in 2010/2011 this was fun, it was new, it was a great way to share information to the masses.
It still is, but now it's 2017 - times have changed, Blogs that aren't fancy don't get a lot of traffic, I've always tried to keep mine simple and just convey some information I find useful.
I don't see any reason to change now (Well except for actually posting a blog).

Over the years things have changed a little - This blog started as just "stuff" I thought about, pretty much random, it slowly changed to information about my robotic projects, and Arduino project - then things to do on linux computers, or linux distros to try.  Finally it ended up back where it started, just on some of my random thoughts.  At one point I consider changing the name of the blog to "Random Wire."  I found out that someone else is using it, so... We will just keep it as the "KD8BXP's Blog"

You'll find (I hope) interesting things about robotics, arduinos, computers, linux, and a few of my random thoughts.  I do post on Youtube a LOT! Probably more than I should, I'd like to try and tied my Youtube following into my blog.  So when I post a project on youtube I will have some documents here for it (Hopefully I follow though with that this year!)

And hopefully this year will be different, and I really start using this blog to it's full potential.

Thanks for following the rant! and have a great 2017.

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